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At Crystal IS, our team is always looking for opportunities to share our insights on UVC LED technology and its application for disinfection.

Our speakers have presented at some of the leading industry conferences and events around the world. If you are interested in having a member of our team present at your conference or event (in-person or digital), please complete the form on this page. We will respond to your inquiry and follow-up for additional details.

PAST events and topicS:

International Ultraviolet Association Conference 2020

"Disinfection Performance of UVC LEDs against Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Escherichia coli and RNA Bacteriophage Qβ at Different Conditions"

Legionella Conference 2019 by NSF International & NEHA

"Effectiveness of a UVC LED Point-of-Use Water Treatment System Against Legionella Pneumophilia"

World Water Week 2019 by Stockholm International Water Institute

"Increasing Access to POU Water Disinfection with UVC LEDs"

British Water Cooler Association Conference

"Improving Dealer Profitability: Reducing Water Cooler Downtime and Unplanned Service Visits with UVC LED Reactors"

International Workshop on Nitride Semiconductors (IWN)

"230 nm LED for nitrate sensing / Current Status and Challenges of UV LEDs"

Lester Eastman Conference

"Development of Pseudomorphic AlGaN/AlN Technology for Optoelectronic, Power, RF, and High Temperature Applications: the Better Wide Bandgap Semiconductor Technology"

Lighting for Health and Wellbeing Conference

"Development of Short avelength UVC LEDs at 265 nm for Water Disinfection and Infection Prevention"

Compound Semiconductor Week

"Characterization of Pseudomorphic AlGaN LEDs on AlN Substrates Emitting Below 240 nm"

International Fixture Design Conference

"UVC LEDs for disinfection: applications and developments"

International Conference on UV LED Technologies & Applications (ICULTA)

"Designing with UVC LEDs for Medical Applications"

"Development of short wavelength UVC LEDs at 265nm and below for water disinfection and water quality monitoring"

Upcoming EVENTS and topics:

Lighting Grand-Est

"Introduction to UVC LED Technology and Applications in Disinfection"

LuxLive Digital UVC Conference 2020

"Healthy Living in a Post-COVID World: UVC LEDs Enable Disinfection of Shared Spaces"

We look forward to learning about your event and speaking with you soon!
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