More and more companies are switching to UVC LED disinfection systems in order to enhance the UVC stage of water treatment in their appliances and give their brand a new competitive advantage. In doing so, it’s essential to assess the credibility of the system supplier. Based on our experience working with some of the top consumer and commercial appliance manufacturers around the world, here are the most important things to consider that can help you find the best UVC LED disinfection system provider for your water dispenser.




In addition, we understand the full scope of the UVC LED system. This means we can determine the right number of UVC LEDs that need to be inside the reactor based on your specific needs (e.g. log reduction, flow rate, etc.).



克拉兰,我们有旭化成的支持(OTCMKTS: AHKSY)- a diversified, multibillion dollar holding company founded in 1931. With Asahi Kasei’s focus on contributing to life for people around the world through technical innovations, our ability to provide UVC LED solutions that make it easier to access safe water clearly aligns with that focus.

In addition, take a look at the manufacturing capabilities of the supplier. Do they have the resources and capabilities to完成LED的大规模订单, or will they only be able to provide you with a few hundred every now and then? It’s no secret that a reliable supply chain can be a competitive advantage.

同样,知道你的UVC-LED系统是由一家公司提供万博捕鱼手机游戏的,该公司的质量过程遵循严格的指导方针,可以建立对供应商和成品的信心。供应商不仅应该符合你的标准,他们应该能够证明他们始终符合自己的内部质量标准。作为一个ISO 9001:2015认证公司,我们有资格证明我们的业务符合明确的质量标准政策。


As you’re evaluating suppliers, you’re bound to come across a wide range of product performance claims (e.g. 99.99 percent disinfection, 6 log reduction, etc.). How can you tell which ones to believe? One way is to ask suppliers if they have testing data that supports their disinfection performance claims.


  • 使用Klaran-WR系列UVC-LED水消毒反应器降低军团菌原木作为流速的函数。万博捕鱼手机游戏

Based on experiments conducted at the University of Colorado Boulder, for example, we’re able to show how the Klaran WR Series UVC LED Reactor destroys Legionella at varying flow rates.

Read more about the Klaran WR Series UVC LED Reactor's disinfection performance against Legionella, Pseudomonas, E. Coli, and other bacteria byviewing this document.

Another way we’re able to learn about common bacteria and viruses is by studying them at our on-site microbiology lab. Staffed by a professional microbiologist, our lab provides additional opportunities to see how these pathogens behave and react to UVC LED-based disinfection technology.


As the need for accessing safe drinking water becomes a global phenomenon, we’re seeing more companies around the world switch to UVC LED technology for water treatment in their products. Because there are numerous ways to integrate the UVC stage into consumer and commercial appliances, product design and R&D teams often seek help to avoid common pitfalls in prototyping, testing, and implementation.

有权进入克拉兰的房间获奖的国际应用工程师团队凭借对这项技术的广泛了解以及在各种应用中应用这项技术的经验,为如何将UVC LED系统添加到您的产品中创造了更多的可能性。反过来,这种级别的技术指导、支持和基于经验的洞察力有助于确保新万博投注您在产品中以正确的方式使用正确的解决方案。万博捕鱼手机游戏

Not only do we make this information accessible via our global team of Application Engineers, we also share our insights through articles, application notes, eBooks, webinars and other resources in the2018世界杯狗万滚球app on our website so that companies can further their understanding of this technology, its applications, and the problems it can solve for their target audience.




In addition, not every region of the world is concerned about the same microbial threats in their water. For example, Legionella may be of greater concern in the US than in Japan, while Pseudomonas may be a greater concern in the UK than in the US. Likewise, there are differences in consumer and commercial application settings. Limited counter space in Chinese homes, for example, forces companies to design products that fit in smaller spaces- this situation requires a compact solution for the UVC stage of water treatment.

凭借全球各地的资源和对每个地区细微差别的了解,Klaran掌握了消费者面临的独特挑战的第一手知识,并利用这些知识帮助我们的客户设计具有适当UVC LED解决方案的产品。万博捕鱼手机游戏



如果您正在积极考虑将UVC LED消毒应用于您的设备中的水处理万博捕鱼手机游戏,我们鼓励您通过以下方式与我们的团队展开对话:联系我们今天。