How to Choose the Best UVC LED Disinfection System Provider for Water Treatment

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By Klaran

越来越多的公司为了提高水处理的在他们的家电UVC阶段,并给自己的品牌新的竞争优势都万博捕鱼手机游戏改用LED紫外线消毒系统。这样做,这是必要的,以评估系统供应商的信誉。基于我们的经验与一些顶级消费和商用电器生产商在世界各地的工作,这里有考虑,可以帮助您找到适合您的饮水机最好的UVC LED消毒系统供应商最重要的事情。万博捕鱼手机游戏

1. Vertically Integrated Provider that Ensures Best Price for Performance

控制成本是一个important aspect of product management. Wanting a low cost don't mean you want a cheap solution. Rather, you want the best performance at the lowest cost.

When it comes to UVC LED systems for water treatment, some companies just make the LED while others just make the water reactor. As a vertically integrated company,we make both the reactor and UVC LEDs insidethe reactor. This gives you a system with the best price for performance.

此外,我们了解UVC LED系统的全部范围。万博捕鱼手机游戏这意味着我们可以判断UVC LED的正确数量需要被根据特定需要在反应器内(例如数减少,流率等)​万博捕鱼手机游戏新万博客户端​。

2. Long-term Stability and Strength of the Supplier

In virtually every industry, the likelihood that your suppliers will be here for the foreseeable future can play a key role in your long-term success. For example, if you’re planning to sign a seven-year agreement with a supplier, you should feel confident that the supplier has the stability to be in business seven years from today.

AtKlaran, we have thebacking of Asahi Kasei(OTCMKTS: AHKSY)- a diversified, multibillion dollar holding company founded in 1931. With Asahi Kasei’s focus on contributing to life for people around the world through technical innovations, our ability to provide UVC LED solutions that make it easier to access safe water clearly aligns with that focus.

另外,看看供应商的制造能力。他们是否有足够的资源和能力fulfill large-scale orders of LEDs,或将他们只能不时为您提供几百?这已经不是什么秘密了一个可靠的供应链可以是一个竞争优势。

Similarly, knowing your UVC LED systems are supplied by a company whose quality process adheres to strict guidelines can build confidence in the supplier and the finished product. Not only should the supplier meet your standards, they should be able to show that they consistently meet their own internal quality standards. As anISO 9001:2015 certified company, we have the certification to show that our operations live up to a well-defined quality standards policy.

3. Validated Performance Claims


At Klaran, we regularlywork with third-party testing facilities to show the effectivenessof our UVC LEDs and disinfection systems for eliminating specific types of bacteria commonly found in drinking water around the world. These experiments provide data to validate our product performance claims.

  • Legionella log reduction as a function of flow rate using Klaran WR Series UVC LED Water Disinfection Reactor.
    MRSA log reduction as a function of distance and time using Klaran LEDs.

根据在美国科罗拉多州博尔德大学进行的实验,例如,我们能够展现Klaran WR系列UVC LED反应堆如何在不同的流速破坏军团菌。万博捕鱼手机游戏

了解更多关于对军团菌,绿脓杆菌,大肠杆菌和其他细菌Klaran WR系列U万博捕鱼手机游戏VC LED电抗器的消毒性能通过查看该文档。


4. Technical Guidance and Experience-based Insights

由于需要访问安全饮用水成为一个全球性的现象,我们看到世界各地的开关UVC LED技术越来越多的公司在其产品水处理。万博捕鱼手机游戏因为有许多方法来整合UVC阶段到消费者和商用电器,产品设计和R&d团队经常寻求帮助,以避免常见的陷阱在原型设计,测试和实施。

Having access to Klaran'saward-winning, international team of Application Engineerswith extensive knowledge of this technology and the experience applying it in a variety of applications creates more possibilities for how to add UVC LED systems to your products. In turn, this level of technical guidance, support, and experience-based insight can help ensure that you’re using the right solution the right way in your products.

我们不仅让通过我们的全球应用工程师团队可以访问这些信息,我们也通过文章,应用笔记,电子书,在线研讨会和其他资源的分享我们的见解2018世界杯狗万滚球app 在我们的网站,使企业能够促进他们的这项技术,它的应用程序的了解,问题就可以解决自己的目标受众。新万博投注

5. Global Resources and Knowledge that Facilitate Innovation

Although technological advances make it easier than ever to collaborate with people in all corners of the world, there are still many situations where collaborating in-person is more effective than video or teleconferences.

When your supplier has a global footprint, you won’t need to worry if, say, your team in Germany needs hands-on support for implementing this technology. In our experience, having one of our Application Engineers in Western Europe visit a company in Germany to show their team how to properly conduct a microbiology test ensures everything is set-up correctly and performed under the right conditions from the start.


With resources around the world and an understanding of the nuances of each region, Klaran maintains first-hand knowledge of the unique challenges that consumers face and leverage that knowledge to help our customers design products with the proper UVC LED solutions.


Knowing what to look for in a UVC LED disinfection system provider can be a challenging task. There are numerous factors to consider, but after working with some of the top consumer and commercial appliance brands, we’ve found that there are several crucial factors that can make all the difference for selecting the right provider. Whether the supplier is strong and stable, tests their products and makes performance data readily available, and offers knowledgeable, experience-based insights for adding UVC LED disinfection systems are essential factors to consider while you evaluate your options.

If you’re actively considering UVC LED disinfection for water treatment in your appliance, we encourage you to start a conversation with our team bycontacting ustoday.