Consumer Appliances

Klaran is ideal for
  • Drinking water purifiers and dispensers
  • Residential kitchen appliances
  • 个人卫生和健康products
Klaran UVC LEDs for consumer appliances

Consumers are taking ownership for protecting their homes and families from rising concerns around water contamination and lowered air quality.

Appliance companies must offer affordable products that directly solve these problems, fit the consumers’ living environment and still address the parallel market demands for features like connected health, smart homes and wellbeing.

Residential Water Purification
Klaran UVC LEDs for residential water purification

UVC disinfection is an accepted and proven microbial technology in consumer appliances. However, the current practice of usingmercury germicidal lampsrestricts the physical design of water purification systems and requires consumers to replace the lamp annually—both a market and cost barrier.

Klaran新万博客户端are a durable, mercury- free UVC source that provide disinfection for the lifetime of the appliance in smaller footprints than traditional systems. These compact devices support the development of new products to expand your portfolio and address new market opportunities.

Indoor air quality appliances
Klaran UVC LEDs for indoor air quality appliances

While humidifiers add moisture to the air to prevent irritation of the skin, nose, throat and lips, they are also a source of indoor air contamination. Humidifier reservoirs require frequent maintenance using chemical cleansers which can damage humidifier material and result in residual odor.

Klaran UVC LEDs are robust compact UVC sources which can be readily added to reservoirs to provide continual chemical and odor-free prevention of bacterial and mold growth.

next generation
Klaran UVC LEDs for photo catalytic oxidation

Photo Catalytic Oxidation is a process which extends the germicidal capabilities of UVC to eliminating Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) in both air and water. When combined with UVC, Titanium Dioxide, a widely available and low cost material, generates hydroxyl radicals which can eliminate gaseous contaminants from gas stoves, vehicle exhaust, smoke, adhesives and waterborne contaminants from herbicides, pharmaceutical or chlorine by-products.

Klaran UVC LEDs offer a quantifiable way to ensure that appliances deliver a known and proven germicidal dose without the use of chemicals, odors and other irritants. When considering new consumer appliance designs, our UVC LEDs offer:

  • Proven maintenance-free UVC germicidal performance
  • On-demand operation to fit consumer needs
  • Compact and portable product designs
  • Non-toxic, mercury free disinfection for peace of mind