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万博捕鱼手机游戏新万博客户端短波紫外线发光二极管是小型设备that emit UVC light to destroy dangerous pathogens in water, surface, and air.

Due to their small size, UVC LEDs can be easily integrated into a wide range of products- such as water purification systems, medical devices, air purifiers, and more- to provide effective disinfection.

Klaran WD Series UVC LEDs
Klaran WD Series

Pioneered by Crystal IS, Klaran LEDs are produced on a proprietary Aluminum Nitride (AlN) substrate delivering performance output that surpasses the effectiveness of other UVC LED sources on the market today.

AlN substrates result in devices that:
  • Offer high output at peak germicidal wavelengths from 260 nm to 270 nm for consistent disinfection performance across a range of pathogens.
  • Have superior thermal properties and allow high current operation for high germicidal intensity and low-cost implementation.
  • Emit the full UV energy from the face of the die for a consistent, simple emission pattern and predictable performance.
klaran UVC LED products
Klaran WD Series UVC LEDs Klaran WD Series UVC LEDs

Klaran WD Series

High intensity devices for on-demand disinfection of water, air, and surfaces.

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